Movie Remakes Currently in the Making

Hollywood is a place that swarms with talented people with original ideas and the resources to turn them into real movie projects, but there are times when they seem to run out of fresh material and decide to recreate and reinterpret classic hits.

At the moment, many interesting reboots and remakes are being shot and will be making their way to a cinema near you very soon, some of them quite unexpected. Below you will find some examples of the most popular ones.

Scarface is one of the movies that are currently being remade and, for now, the only actor linked to the project is Diego Luna as Tony Montana. Based on a novel by Armitage Trail, the screenplay is handled by the Coen Brothers, who works with Jonathan Herman and Terence Winter, and follows the same Cuban refugee who takes over a drug cartel.

The original Scarface movie was released in 1932, but the 1983 remake that starred Al Pacino as Tony Montana and received three Golden Globes nominations is probably better known to current audiences.

Untouchables, which is set to appear in theaters in March this year, is a remake of the French 2011 comedy-drama The Intouchables. The original gig was based on true events and told the story of a quadriplegic named Philip whose world is turned upside down after he hires an ex-con as his caregiver. The movie is the second highest-grossing film in France and had a Golden Globe nomination in the Best Foreign Language movie category. The screenplay for the remake is written by Jon Hartmere and Paul Feig and the film’s director is Neil Burger.

The Crow is also set to receive a reboot. Although we have been hearing about a remake of the 1994 movie for nearly a decade, it seems that now things have started to set in motion as filming for The Crow Reborn has already begun.

Jason Momoa has signed to play the main character and Corin Hardy directs the new movie, which is about a man who is killed and comes back to life to avenge his death and that of his fiancée.

One might wonder how many Peter Pan and Robin Hood versions the world really needs. Well, it seems there are never enough for the producers and directors at Hollywood, even though nobody was crying out for new versions.

The new Peter Pan remake will be an animation directed by David Lowery and recreates the J.M. Barrie’s classic story. Meanwhile, director Otto Bathurst vows to bring a gritty take on the legendary Robin Hood story. He will envision a version of Robin Hood in which the character is a veteran of the Crusades facing Sir Guy of Gisborne and the corrupt Sheriff of Nottingham.