Top Three Movies About Soccer

Sports fans love and enjoy not only their favorite sport but other sports as well. They like watching sports games, they like reading the news about sports, betting on sports, checking out sports offered in online sportsbooks such as GiveMeBet sports and others. The more options related to sports fans have, the happier they are. For that reason, many movie producers make movies about sports. Usually, they choose a sport that is popular all over the world, so that the movie can have a wider audience. This is the reason why there are so many movies about basketball and especially about soccer. This time we will focus on soccer and movies related to soccer. In the following paragraphs, the top three movies about soccer will be presented.


Maradona is a movie about Diego Maradona. It was directed and produced by Emir Kusturica, a Serbian director. It is a documentary about the famous football player Diego Maradona, loved by sports fans all over the world. Even though the movie is not realistic enough, and it deals more with the myth of Maradona, it is still very good to watch. There are many brilliant scenes in the movie. For example, one interview was done in a cabaret bar in Buenos Aires. In the scene, Maradona is surrounded by half-naked dancers. Even though the movie is not realistic enough, it is worth watching, especially for those who love Maradona and his soccer.


Jesse Dylan created a comedy film about soccer called Kicking and Screaming. The movie was released in 2005. The movie is about Phil who is a middle-aged man with father issues. His father is an ambitious and over-competitive soccer coach, who was not very lean on Phil. Now, Phil is a father of Sam who plays soccer on his father’s team. His father keeps his son on the bench just as he did to him many years ago. For that reason, Sam is transferred to Tiger by Phil. The team is not as good as his father’s team, and the coach does not often attend the games. In order to help Sam’s team, Phil tries to coach the team with his father’s enemy. The movie is a comedy which is not only about soccer but also about family and family relations, and it is good for the whole family to watch it.


The Goal is a sports film released in 2005 and directed by Danny Cannon. It is a movie about Santiago Munez, a young and talented footballer with a difficult life story behind him. He is a very good footballer. However, he is very poor and has to work a lot to make money for him and his family. He is noticed by Glen Foy. Glen Foy is a former Newcastle player who notices the talent of Santiago while watching him playing the game for a low budget club played by Hispanics only. Foy offers a chance for Santiago to try playing for one of the top English clubs. For Santiago, this is an offer he can’t refuse.