Top 3 Movies About Sports Betting You Need To Watch

The world of sport and sports betting remains one of the most popular themes in movies and entertainment, and many renowned filmmakers are fascinated by it. That is quite understandable since sports fans love watching games, supporting their favorite players, betting on their teams, getting the best deals and promo codes in online sportsbooks such as Unibet promo code, and, of course, watching movies about sports betting. These movies usually have a gripping storyline and intriguing characters and, for true sports enthusiasts, these are considered classics. If you love to watch movies about sports betting, here are three movies that you should definitely watch. 

Casino (1995)

Casino depicts a picture of Las Vegas casinos and tells a story of greed, money, power, and crime in America during the 1970s. Martin Scorsese focused on the true story of Frank “Ace” Rothstein and his transition from a shrewd oddsmaker to being the man in charge of some of the biggest casinos in Las Vegas. With some of the best names attached to this movie, among which are Robert De Niro, Sharon Stone, and Joe Pesci, you are sure to get impressive performances and award-worthy scenes. What’s more, you get a detailed and captivating story of a man fascinated by sports betting, driven mostly by morality, and the way he forms relationships with crime families and finds himself in a world of corruption and evil.

Eight Men Out (1988)

Just like Casino, Eight Men Out was inspired by real-life events. This time, the inspiration came from one of the best-known sports betting scandals – the 1919 World Series. The film tells the story of eight Chicago White Sox players who, although loved and supported by the public, schemed with illegal gamblers and threw the series. However, this film puts most of the responsibility on Charles Comiskey, the Chicago White Sox owner and blames him for the misuse of the players. This movie pains a good picture of what happens when sport and sports betting are not regulated and when bookmakers act with no sense of integrity and accountability. Luckily, watching this movie we can also see how much sports betting has progressed and improved since the 1919 World Series and we hope that it only goes better from here. 

The Color of Money (1986)

The Color of Money takes a different approach to the sports betting theme and focuses mostly on the psychology of bettors and the things that drive them towards sports betting. We also have an opportunity to observe sports bettors during the 1980s and their portrayal as shady and sordid individuals, which is in many regards completely different from the image we have today. Paul Newman, who secured an Academy Award for his brilliant performance in this movie, and Tom Cruise, who plays his protégé, make it easy to understand that sports betting is far from a profit-oriented activity and that there is a lot of pride and morality that goes into it.